I have included a separate video page to show off some of the films I have been involved in producing in an ELT setting.  Many of those situations in which I have made films with students involved handing over control of the camera to the students. The ones that are and involve students, with the exception of the one in Tanzania, are set to unlisted on YouTube, so they are not generally searchable.  I just use the video hosting site to enable easy embedding of content. All of these films were edited using Windows Movie Maker 6.0, which I still prefer to newer versions.  The link to my YouTube channel with more videos is here. There is another channel here for my recent tutorials made with Camtasia Studio and other bits and pieces.

‘LTSIG WEBINAR’ @ Lots of places.  Edited highlights of some of the videos below and others.  This was put together for a Learning Technologies SIG webinar given on 15 September 2013.

‘PARAPHRASE’ @ CAL ‘Bring a Dish Party’, The Chaplaincy, University of Warwick, June 2012. About this video: This was a one-off performance of Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’, written by Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin and produced by Brian Eno. This is the instrumental version purchased from Karaoke Version.  I re-wrote the words, however, to make them relevant to my fellow students on the MA ELT course at Warwick.  It was intended to be a humourous performance with a serious point to be made about the dangers of plagiarism.


‘EPIDEMIC’ @ The Leys, Cambridge, June 2009. The first job I had post-Celta was on a young learner course for Bell Educational Trust.  My teaching partner, Marc Robinson and I decided we would theme the first set of lessons around film, leading to our A2 level students writing and performing a short story. We lead the project, helping out with the time consuming editing process at the end.  As a first experience of using film and English as a Lingua Franca, it was a great start.


‘REFLECTIVE LANGUAGE TEACHING’  @ Jungchul Academy (Hagwon), Changwon, South Korea, October 2007. This is a reflection on my arrival in South Korea, filmed before and after my very first day in a paid teaching position.


‘LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD’ @ Jungchul Academy (Hagwon), Changwon, South Korea, May 2008.  This footage of ‘Fred’ and company shows rehearsals for the umpteenth end of level performance of the classic, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.


‘PROJECT X’ @ Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.  One section of a 46 minute film made with students on an arts foundation programme in Beijing.

or here’s a link to the complete film.


‘TEACHING IN TANZANIA’ @ Hisani Orphanage, Busuwelu, Mwanza, December 2006. How I got my moniker, starting off as a volunteer in the East African country.


‘KSU PYP INDUCTION’ @ King Saud University, Riyadh.  This was a project to make a cultural induction video for new teachers arriving at the university made by my upper intermediate level students from classroom 1603.

‘PHILI DOES KILI @ Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Part one of six.  A film I made using a simple digital camera, in January 2007, about climbing the highest free standing mountain in the world. Includes some Swahili.
‘PHILI DOES KILI (REMIX) @ Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. This is a ‘Blubbr’ (Flickr montage) version of the above film.
‘KSU PROMO’ @ Riyadh. Living and teaching at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, 2011.


‘MY BRAINSHARK’ @ Warwick.  Set of instructional teacher training screencasts for using the web tool, ‘My Brainshark’ in a university context. Part 2 of 6.

Teaching Training - My Brainshark

click here for the screencast.


‘ONE MORE SPEECH’ @ Changwon – Speech Contests

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